Socially engaged films dealing with some of today’s most pressing issues.


madre tierra solo hay una


There is Only One Mother Earth” is a 23 minute environmental awareness video designed to inform Latinos about ways in which we can protect the environment in our everyday life. Produced for the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin





This documentary explores the world of the Maya "curanderos" or healers and the key role they play in keeping this ancient healing tradition alive in today's Yucatán Peninsula. The film was produced in collaboration with Jamie Cost.





Ad Infinitum was commissioned by “Heritage” a national PBS Latino affairs program produced by KLRN, San Antonio Texas, to produce a series of four documentaries about issues concerning the Latino community in the United States. "Latino Homeless” focused on housing problems affecting the Latino community. "Working in the USA" presented labor issues and the difficulties that Latino immigrants face in the United States. "Building coalitions, building our future” looked at the state of affairs of coalition building among minorities as a way of solving problems in common. "Latino Teens and Sex" explored Latino teenagers’ attitudes toward sex and how those attitudes affect social issues such as teenage pregnancy and the rise in STDs and AIDS.