Advertising & Social Marketing

There is no doubt that the U.S. is undergoing a dramatic demographic revolution. As the most recent census indicates, minorities are fast becoming the majority, with Latinos leading the way. Consequently, forward thinking companies and organizations cannot afford to second-guess this growing market.

The question is, who do you trust to create culturally appropriate messages that will win over your Spanish speaking audience?

In today's complex world you need a dependable partner that not only knows the language, but understands the nuances of Latino culture as well. This is essential to the creation of effective media that speaks to the heart of your Hispanic audience.

Ad Infinitum is a full-service ad agency with extensive experience in helping non-profits and companies to reach ethnically diverse populations. We offer:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Market Research
    • Creative Services in Spanish & English
    • Broadcast Media Production
    • Media Translation to Spanish
    • Print
    • Media Placement

The unique approach to the creation of culturally appropriate media is based on including the target audience from the onset in the creative process. By involving the community through focus groups and community review panels, we insure that the concepts and final product truly reflect the audience's cultural perspective. Ultimately, this helps to insure the effectiveness of the media as well as the reach of the campaigns. We believe that community involvement is essential for the development of effective marketing and educational tools, especially when they are intended for a culturally diverse markets.